The Sleeping Bag

The Sleeping Bag


The sleeping bag:


  • 1 Skull cap infuser bath bag
  • 1 lavender infuser bath bag
  • 1 mixed infuser bath bag (lavender &skull cap)
  • 1 mini scoop

These bags also include 300g of magnesium

(use 100g of magnesium per bag)

We recommend soaking in your bath for 20 min

You get three baths per pack.


Lavender- Helps support mental health (calming), easing migraine and headaches, acne, relieving pains and it is also a source of antioxidants.

Skull cap – Helps relieve anxiety and nervous tension in the body, insomnia. Skull cap is also a muscle relaxant, helps reduce shakiness, twitches and poor sleeping.

Magnesium bath soak- Relaxes muscles, relieves stress, improves skin hydration, speeds wound healing, enhance skins barrier function, and decrease inflammation, replenishes your body of magnesium, ease muscle tension.
The magnesium flakes absorb through your skin, ensure your feet are fully submerged.


  • Instructions for use

    Use 100g (1/3) of the magnesium bath flakes and choose one of the three herbal bags to use per bath to prepare your mind and body for bed.